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Get your license information and download links V6.0.

  • Visit EasyLic.
  • Enter the email address you are registered to.
  • You’ll receive an email that contains your registration keys and links to download the versions that work with your keys.


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Help Reference

If need support on how to use or want to know more about AlbumPlayer functions and how to customize the AlbumPlayer? Then please check the help reference.

The Forum

Please check out the AlbumPlayer Forum first in order to get help, because lots of the questions have already been answered there. You can post comments, criticism, ideas for improvements and read the latest announcements concerning the AlbumPlayer.

Email Support

If you have order or license questions or if you could not find your answers in the faq, help or forum, please send an email to to get support.

Frequently Asked Questions

License questions

General questions

Troubleshooting, this section contains the most common problems.