Redirect Track Files To New Location

For each track a full pathname is stored in the database. When the directory containing all music files is moved to a new location (for instance music is stored on a new disk) then it is possible to rename the base path of the files with this function.

When you start this function, you get a dialog to specify the path names. Specify in the dialog the original location and the new location.


Your music file locations were as follows:

C:\Music\Madonna - Hard Candy\01. Candy Shop.mp3
C:\Music\Madonna - Hard Candy\02. 4 Minutes.mp3
C:\Music\Bruce Springsteen - The rising\01. Lonesome Day.mp3
C:\Music\Bruce Springsteen - The rising\02. Into the Fire.mp3

Now you moved all your files and paths look like:

X:\Music\Madonna - Hard Candy\01. Candy Shop.mp3
X:\Music\Madonna - Hard Candy\02. 4 Minutes.mp3
X:\Music\Bruce Springsteen - The rising\01. Lonesome Day.mp3
X:\Music\Bruce Springsteen - The rising\02. Into the Fire.mp3

Then you should enter the following locations, to redirect the track references in the AlbumPlayer database correctly:

Original location:


New location:


Note: For each path to a track file that needs to be renamed, first it is checked if the path exists, if not, the path will not be renamed! So if you do not specify the redirect locations correctly, the path names will not be renamed.


More database maintenance see here: Preferences - Database

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