Tunes Remote Trouble Shooting

Here you find a list with some troubleshooting tips for AlbumPlayer Remote Tunes. The AlbumPlayer setup script already set the proper Firewall wall rules, but there is more that can get in the way.

Note: The Tunes Remote Add-On also writes a log file in your AlbumPlayer database directory which can be some help too. Probably you have the database directory installed at C:\AlbumPlayerData. The log file you find then at the following location C:\AlbumPlayerData\Logging\TunesRemote\ . Just open with notepad.


You can't connect to the AlbumPlayer.

Solution: This error is most like because you are fire-walled from connecting to your PC maybe by your router. To test this out on your Android/iPhone device open a browser and type in the browser address...


where XXX is your IP Address of your PC running AlbumPlayer. If you see a bunch of characters come back that is good it means it can see your PC. If you get a 404 Not found or 403 Forbidden error then you are fire-walled.

And then try from a browser on your SAME PC as AlbumPlayer is running and enter....


You should be asked to save a "server-info" file which means it successfully connected and tested your AlbumPlayer with no firewall/router in between. Then you can guarantee your problem is the firewall/router between your iPhone/Android device and the AlbumPlayer PC.

Firewall Rules:

You should add the following rules to your firewall to allow access to AlbumPlayer.

UDP Incoming 5353  (Used by Apple Bonjour)
TCP Incoming 3689  (Used by DACP/AlbumPlayer server)
TCP Outgoing 1024  (Used by DACP/AlbumPlayer server)

Pairing almost works but fails at the last step.

When pairing doesnt work you can read this error from the log file. "Unable to complete pairing ---> System.Net.WebException: Unable to connect to the remote server ---> System.Net.Sockets.SocketException: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.

Solution: This error means that your PC cannot call back to the device on port 1024 typically. It means your software or hardware firewall is still blocking the communication between AlbumPlayer and your mobile device. Try disabling your firewall first just to get it to work, once that works you need to add rules in your firewall to make the process work. This may depend on which firewall you are using so I will leave it up to you on how to configure your firewall to allow this traffic.


The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.

Solution: This error means that some other application is already using port 3689. Most likely that application is ITunes so please shut down Itunes and try again.

To find out what application is using the port open a Command Prompt by using WIN+R. Then type in the following command and look for TCP port 3689...

netstat -ab    

It will list all running ports and what process is using it. You can also use CurrPorts to look at Ports and kill port connections.


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